Mission Systems

Mission Systems

Avionicare has supplied and installed many Military Sensor Systems into MPA’s and ASW/SAR Helicopters throughout the world. Such Systems require integration with extant Aircraft Systems and also, operators require the ability to control, manipulate, interpret, categorise and exploit the Sensor data throughout the Aircraft.  To achieve this, Mission Computing, Video Processing, Displays and Keyboard/Trackballs are required.

Over a number of years, Avionicare has developed a close working relationship with the UK Mission System OEM, RDDS Avionics.  Through the experience of installing RDDS equipment and then operating them on real time Military co-opted operational Missions in the training environment, this has enhanced our ability to appreciate the demanding needs of the Military end-user.

This wealth of experience has been shared with RDDS and this has proven to be most advantageous in the development of their newest products in which, Avionicare remains even more confident that the air or naval forces operational needs are achieved or exceeded.

Avionicare is the primary worldwide installer of RDDS Mission Systems and with this experience, our aim is to provide the Military customer with a complete equipment supply, integration and installation solution to meet their challenging Mission requirements.

If you have questions regarding our Military services or would like to make enquiries about your intended upgrade/modification project, please contact our Military Team for further information.

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